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Friday, December 26, 2008

Look how much snow!

We've gotten a whole heck of a lot of snow up here the last few days, so we've been taking pictures to show you all. This first one is the view from the living room window (the only one not boarded up for the winter). I'm loving the icicles.
This truck was leaving Island Park. Look how much snow is sitting on top. Yes, it has snowed since then.
To the left we have BJ's dad's truck (well, it's borrowed, but that's what we drove up here.) To the right, see that white hump? Yeah, that's BJ's car. Yipes!
Lastly, remember the time lapse photo I promised? Well, it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped it would since we had to keep moving the camera. (Note to self: get a tri-pod.) So we picked a picture from the beginning, middle and end that seem to work well together, so hopefully you can see the progress of the snow growing on Christmas day. If not, ignore this.


Luke and Erin said...

Looks very beautiful! I am glad you got to go!

Lindsay said...

Wow. These pictures remind me of the blizzard we had in Muncie, Indiana our last winter there. I do not wish to have that much snow dumped on me ever again.