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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here are two totally random and unrelated to my cute baby girl pictures.

First, we saw this sticker on a car window. Read it carefully.

"My Child at a Charter School!"

Umm… was there supposed to be a picture of the child so that this was a caption? Or did they simply never proofread their bumper sticker to make it a complete sentence? It makes me really not want to send my children to John Hancock Charter School.*

Next. BJ has developed a really bad habit. Remember these shorts? Well, BJ replaced them with another pair of shorts and a pair of jeans. The jeans lasted approximately two months until this happened:

Seriously?! Ok, dear readership, please tell me, what in the world could BJ be doing to tear his pants like this? They're clean tears, so I don't think he snags them and rips them. He doesn't carry a knife in his back pocket. He claims his chair at work is free of knives and other sharp objects, and I don't think it's our car, because I often sit in the same chair with no tears in my pants. BJ's theory is that he pulls his legs up onto his chair at work. I'm not convinced, though, because I do the same thing and my pants are tighter. And I don't have tears in my pants. Any other theories? Help us figure it out so we can break this rather expensive habit of BJ's!

*Other than this, I know nothing about this charter school. I am not trying to slander them in any way. I'm simply commenting on their lack of grammatical skills on their bumper stickers.


Tay said...

Perhaps his butt magically grows as he bends to sit and the skinnifies when he stands up. The elusive, ever-changing bum.

Denise said...

You said he pulls his legs up on his chair? Maybe there's something sharp on his shoes...

beth said...
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beth said...

saw that bumper sticker today in san francisco. i had to google to see if anyone else had ever seen it. too funny!