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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project Productivity!

Yesterday BJ and I used Kessa's nap times (and once a non-nap time) to get some stuff done that we'd been putting off for awhile now. First there was some paperwork that should have been done last month. (We still need to find a notary so BJ can sign a paper that will let me get the money from my 401K. Really? I don't have to have a notary, but he does? Weird.)

The big project stuff started when I wanted to put some cereal away. (Macey's has a deal this week where you can get Kelloggs (in our case, Frosted Mini Wheats) for $1.28/box with a $6 coupon from their ad. So every time I've gone in this week, I've bought 4 more boxes. I'm quickly running out of room in my pantry.) I decided the best way to get more room in my pantry was to get all of my cookbooks and recipes out of the pantry. What better place to put cookbooks than on a bookcase? So we moved a couple of movable cupboards to make room for the bookcase in the kitchen. In so doing, we moved the fridge a little and saw the grossness that was underneath. Next thing you know, we've pulled the fridge completely out and I'm sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the lint and stickiness from who knows what that had gathered under there.

Meanwhile, BJ went to work on our dryer. Our dryer doesn't dry very well. Most loads take two cycles to get dry. This isn't good for our electricity bill. Ages ago BJ's parents loaned us a snake-like-thing that will clean out the ventilation duct, so yesterday BJ pulled out the dryer and started to snake it. I'm in scrubbing the kitchen floor when I hear, "Tianna… come look at this." So I went back and peeked in the ventilation duct. I saw what looked like lint and string. I almost reached in and just pulled it out. But then I saw something else. For those of you who have seen The Village, it looked like the poky/feathery part on Those We Do Not Speak Of. For those of you who haven't seen it… think porcupine quills, I guess. That's when I realized, I don't have to be brave and pull it out. I have a husband for that. So I let him go to it. Glad I did, cuz guess what it was? A bird! Ewwwww! Who knows how long it's been in there, too. No wonder our dryer doesn't dry so well. We're waiting to wash and dry diapers to see if it solves our problems. Hopefully tonight we'll know!

While the dryer was pulled out, I scrubbed the floor under it as well as under the washer. I figured I might as well since it was gross under there, too. (Though, not nearly as bad as the fridge.)

After the scrubbing-fest was over, we started rearranging books to put all of like-genre together. We split it into cookbooks, fiction (which filled slightly more than our largest bookcase all by itself), religion, programming, ANES, and other non-fiction. That way, when we go to look for a book, we have a better chance of finding it. :) We still have some books strewn across our bedroom and living room floors, but by that point we were tired and decided to call it quits for the night.

Though, we did rearrange our living room a little bit to make up for the loss of bookcase… it's bigger, but we're not quite sure how we feel about the new arrangement. Anyone is free to come visit and give opinions as to our new setup. (It's not that big of a change. Don't get your hopes up.)

We then watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith because I had never seen it, and remarkably, BJ had only seen it once. I have now officially seen all six Star Wars movies. But Episode III is a super sad movie. (Yes, there were tears.) So now I have to watch the original trilogy again, knowing the history of the dark side, and so I can end on a good note. I can hear BJ protesting already.


The Dipo's said...

I still have yet to see the entire set of Star Wars... lol! I love the first 3, I just need to watch the last three.

Amelia said...

Hey guys, I am a Notary. If you can wait till Cousin's dinner I will do it for free.