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Monday, October 12, 2009


Yesterday was definitely a crazy day. I learned of three different sets of people that need prayers.

  1. We got a new bishopric. We'll miss you, Bishop Davies! You were a great bishop to start this ward with. We're excited for our new bishopric, too, though. We wish you all the best, Bishop Bahr, Bro. Snow, and Bro. Barry. Our prayers are with you!
  2. My sister, Jalin, went into labor the night before last. She was 31.5 weeks along. Meaning, her due date isn't until Dec. 9. She has been put on strict bed rest and they're hoping to keep her there for at least 5 weeks. She already has 5 kids, ages 10 and under. Good luck, Brett, keeping the family in line. We love you, Jalin, and are praying for you and the baby. Don't get too stressed in bed. It's for the best. Even if you still have canning to do. The baby is more important than canning.
  3. My best friend from high school, Stacie, called me last night to let me know that her step dad, Dave, died yesterday afternoon. He has been fighting throat cancer and a few months back decided to stop chemotherapy. The doctors gave him months or less. I found out when I was in Idaho last. I tried to stop by but my schedule never matched theirs. I sent my dad over with some soup after I left. I wish I could have seen him one more time; I rather liked the guy (despite my being scared to death of him when I first met him years and years ago). My love, hugs and prayers are with you Stacie, Kellie, and Loy. (And everyone else missing that great man.) I'm super grateful that Dave was recently baptized and is now learning all of the things he didn't have time to learn down here.
So to all of you, I offer you my love, support, and prayers. Please let me know if I can do anything to lift your burden. We love you all.

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Stacie said...

Thank you, Nana! :)