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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wow. It's been awhile since last I updated. I ended up going up to Idaho for Dave's (Stacie's step-dad) funeral. So Tuesday night BJ and I went up to Riverton and spent the night so that I could get up at 5:30, feed Kessa, and head up to Idaho. BJ caught a ride with a coworker from Riverton (only one car, remember?) and Grandma Homer babysat Kessa all day. The funeral was really good. I got to play with Stacie's baby, Megan, during the last part of it so that Stacie could enjoy the funeral. I even got to take a nap with her in the car at the cemetery, disturbed only when they did the gun salute. It was really good to see Stacie, Mama Loy, and Kellie again. They were like my second family growing up. It was also kind of fun to look around the people at the funeral and see so many faces from my childhood ward, before they switched ward boundaries when I was 12. It was amazing how a ward can stay so much the same, even when it changes so much. It was comforting to see all of them there and feel the stability in the support structure of Shelton ward. Even the building brought back memories. As I stood outside the Relief Society room during the family prayer, I remembered coming down as a Primary kid and standing outside those doors wondering, "What do they do in there?" I was sure it was something super fun because we were never allowed to go in until they had said their closing prayer. It made me long for they day I'd be able to go inside. It also made me laugh to see Stacie's cousins, Chris and Cory there and reminisce back to our childhood when Chris stole my shoe and I had to chase him around the church to get it back. Or the time that Cory was pretending to throw me off the rocks into the river, then slipped and really threw me (well, us) into the river.

It was a quick trip. I got to Idaho, stopped at Mom's work to change clothes and visit for a moment, go to the funeral, the cemetery, the lunch, then stopped at Mama Loy's house for a bit so I could pump. Then it was straight back home, stopping only once to get miserably off track in Pocatello, trying to find a gas station. Then it was back to Riverton just in time to feed Kessa and put her back to bed for the night.

So really, I didn't have much time to blog. And then when we finally got home Thursday, it was a bunch of cleaning and unpacking, and generally just falling behind on all things blogging. So now, let's play catchup!

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Stacie said...

What a cute baby girl! Love the hair! What a lucky woman must be the mother of that child :D