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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cute Kessa!

Who can't love a face like that?

She's starting to suck on her finger. She's not a thumb sucker, she's an index finger sucker.

She loves to play piano with Daddy.

This is how we look when Mommy needs two hands, but Kessa needs to be held.

We went for a drive up the canyon on Sunday, up to Vivian Park. We caught the tail end of the colors, so they're not as vivid as they once were, but we enjoyed them anyway.

She seriously is so tall! Here she is sitting on Ellie's lap. Ellie is 3.

She's figuring out how to grab. Here she is with her keys… the first toy she learned to grab.

Recently her grabbing has become comical. Despite being quite content on the inside, she appears to be frightened of her carseat and her swing.

1 comment:

Jay McGuire said...

Oh my goodness she's getting big! I love watching kids grow up. And it's obvious that she didn't inherit her height from her mom...ha! j/k She's a cutie!