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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

General Conference

Saturday morning session Ryan and Mariam came over for breakfast and to watch Conference. It was really fun to see them both again!

Then we went down two doors (literally. We're on the third floor) to our friends, the Ruiz's, house for lunch. It was also quite fun (and really yummy, too!) Miguel is a native Spanish speaker and Kristen also speaks Spanish. They have a little girl, Katya, who is growing up speaking Spanish in the home. There was another couple there that also spoke Spanish and BJ speaks Spanish. Umm… basically, I was the odd man out. haha. Luckily, though, everyone spoke English for the most part.

Then we headed up to Riverton to spend the rest of Conference weekend. Kessa was enthralled by the television. (We already knew this, though. She faithfully watched BYU lose the Florida State game.)

Who do you think she is so enamored by? Elder Robert D. Hales!

The Homers have this adorable little dog named Jax. He is ridiculously jealous of Kessa. Suddenly there is another small creature in the house that takes attention away from him. Kessa has two little rubber toys: a cow, and a cow/duck. (We think it's a duck dressed up like a cow for Halloween. What we're gonna do once Halloween is over, I have no idea.) Jax has a bunch of rubber toys, too. So when he saw/smelled the rubber cows, his jealousy erupted and he wanted them. A lot.

Grandma likes Kessa and didn't want her to play with toys covered in Jax slobber, so she put the cows up on the counter, out of sight. Jax sat the rest of Conference on the back of the couch, staring at them.

BJ's brother, Nick, likes to torture Jax, so he moved the cows where Jax could see them, but I didn't get a picture of that, sadly. (Since then, Jax has managed to get ahold of the cow duck and take off running with it. All I could get out was, "BJ! Jax! Cow! Jax! Cow!" BJ didn't hear his name so he thought I was telling Jax to get the cow. It took a minute, then some quick action to get the cow out of Jax's possession, but we managed. The poor cow duck spent the next little while drying off from its bath in the dish drainer. Poor little thing.)

While the boys went off to Priesthood session, we girls had our own fun. First we bundled up Kessa in her jacket and headed off to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I wish, oh I wish, that I had remembered to take my camera with us. I had no idea how tired Kessa was until she nodded off, sitting on Aunt Teresa's lap. It was so adorable. She slept through all of dinner (which I was completely floored by. I thought for sure she'd be demanding to eat 2 minutes into it) until Teresa decided she needed to wash her hands, so she carefully handed her to me. The second Teresa was out of the room, Kessa was awake. I must admit, Teresa has a way with Kessa. Dinner was great. I tried pomegranate lemonade. It was good, though rather tart. We had fun just talking like girls do. Catching up on each others' lives, asking the dating-aged girls about their dating life, etc.

We came home to do a craft. Mom Homer and Aunt Jan were quite secretive as to what this craft was, which intrigued the rest of us, but it turned out amazing! Basic idea: melt a tallow candle onto a plastic plate so it stands up straight. Then, grab all your old, broken, discarded crayons and melt them over the flame! At first I focused on getting bright colors down the side of the candle, but after awhile I realized that I was burning down the side of the candle, so no one would see that part anyway. So instead I started working on making awesome puddles on the bottom. (They are made naturally by simply holding the crayon over the candle, but you can have some control by cutting out niches to have the wax run down different sides, or by waiting until it cools just enough that new wax won't mix in with the last color. Or by letting them mix together. Or by using glitter crayons.) It was pretty much the coolest thing I've done in years. Jalin, when you get back on your feet, I'd highly recommend doing this with your kids. Apparently Carol and Jan did this out in their carport all growing up. Seriously. So. Much. Fun.

Sunday was also spent in Riverton, but story and picture wise, it was much less eventful. Conference itself, however, was quite amazing.

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