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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Private blogs

Don't freak out. We're not going private. But I have a lot of friends that have gone private. So, to keep track of you all, I've made a bookmark folder of all the private blogs I read. Well, I got a new computer and lost most of those links. I only have 4 now. So… if you have a private blog and think I read it, let me know your url again. Unless you're family. I definitely have yours. Also, Stacie, Meagan/Tyler, and Ashley. I have all of yours. Anyone else, I wanna read your blog again. Send me the URL, please!

Also, those of you I do have, Update Your Blogs! Out of the 4 private blogs I read today (and it's been awhile since I read) there was only one new post! What's the point of a private blog if you never post new things? Puh-lease?

Dear Google Reader, you know the email address and password I use to read these private blogs. Would you please use them to subscribe in my RSS feed? It'd sure make my blog-reading easier...

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