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Monday, September 14, 2009

Canning Season - part 3

We celebrated the end of canning by going to the Idaho State Fair. It was Kessa's first. She wasn't impressed. She spent most of it sleeping or crying. She did enjoy the petting zoo. At least, as much as a 3-month old can enjoy something other than food and sleep. Here she is, admiring a baby alpacha (which looks about how you'd picture a punk rocker llama… in a very cute sort of way). They were on sale for $595. Aunt Jessa is very upset that I didn't buy one for her, but considering my limited transportation home, I settled for a picture of one.
Taegen and Parker came along. Here they are in their double stroller enjoying their cookie dough Farr's ice cream. Mmmmm.
And the best part of the fair. Completely unthinkable, artery-clogging food. I spotted chocolate-covered bacon and simply could not resist the chance to try it. (Some of you will understand the necessity to not pass up such a treat more than others. Trust me, this is far better than bacon ice cream.) I was shocked at how good it really was. Like, I would jump at the chance to eat it again. (This is also what it looks like when Kessa is sleeping in my wrap.)

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