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Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Home

As you know, we got a kitten on Mother's Day. I had wanted a kitten for a very long time, so when we got her, I was very happy. Sure, she was full of energy and really needy… but she was just a kitten. She'd grow out of it. Then Kessa was born. For three months I have tried to juggle Ella and Kessa. I've learned two important things about kittens. 1) Kittens and babies don't mix. 2) Kittens have energy. Lots of it. Kittens need room to run and climb and play.

So, it has been with much consideration that we have decided that we need to find Ella a new home. We need someone who can give her a better home than what we can. One that is bigger than our little condo. Maybe one with other cats she can play with. Or at least, with someone that can handle her energy better than I can. It wouldn't be so bad, really, if I didn't have to worry about Kessa. But Kessa's pacifiers are Ella's favorite play toys, and she simply can't stay out of Kessa's bassinet. And there have been too many episodes of Ella jumping on Kessa's face or batting her head. Like I said. Kittens and babies just don't mix.

So, sadly, until we get a bigger house, or at least one where a kitty can go outside, we need to go kitty-less. So, if you, or anyone you know, fits this description, please let us know. We really do love her, which is why we need to find her a better home.

Let me tell you a bit more about her. (And her good traits, lest you think she's just a naughty kitty.) Her name is Ella. Though, she mostly goes by Kitty. I think she'd respond better to a name like that. We've considered Chloe. I don't think she'd notice a name change. She's female (obviously) and calico. She's approximately 6 months old.

She loves water. A lot.

She loves to crawl into boxes and other small, confining containers. She's even good at getting out of them, even if we close the lid on top of her.

She's a really good climber/jumper.

And when she's calmed down a bit, or has been left alone for awhile, she is cuddly and purrs up a storm.

Included in this offer (if desired) is kitten food, kitty litter (and the box), cat nip, kitty treats, kitty toys, a scratching bag, nail clippers, and a half-used package of clear Soft Paws (sized Kitten/Small). And, of course, Ella.

You can leave a comment, email me (tiannahomer at gmail dot com) or call me if you know my number. Or you can talk to BJ, of course.


Gwyn said...

She is a dang pretty kitty, but i live two states away and my current cat has a really violent hatred of all other cats. I hope you can find a good place for her though.

Lindsay said...

I sometimes forget that you moved into my brother's old condo, so when I see pictures of your place, it throws me through a loop. :) Also, we have the same baby swing you do, only I think ours in an older version. It's a great swing, I think. Good luck finding a home for your kitty! I might take her, but like you say, babies and kitties don't mix. :)

The Dipo's said...

Sorry, I can't take her, not because of the baby situation though.... we are planning on surprising the kids at Christmas with one. Easy together gift from Santa. We went through the same issues with Noah and our kitty at the time. Our cat was really good around Noah, but she loved jumping in his crib and we just couldn't trust her after that. It makes me mad to this day that we got rid of her, she was a great pet. I hope you find a place for her, she's pretty cute. :o)