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Monday, September 14, 2009

Canning Season - part 4

Now for the results. Let's do a little math in picture fashion*.

Equals all of the food we canned! (and froze)

Divide that by three and you get my share (this looks a lot smaller than it is. I should have taken a picture of it spread all over my kitchen floor as I tried to put it in my pantry. Which, btw, I fit it all in. Because, as we all know, I am awesome):

Inventory (of just my share):
Veggie soup: 8 chicken, 7 beef (quarts)
Harvard Beets: 6 pints
Pickled Beets: 15 pints
Pear Cinnamon syrup: 4 pints
Cherry Pineapple Jelly: 5 pints
Tomato veggie soup: 6 quarts (+6 of last years')
Corn: 10 pints (+24 old pints)
Spaghetti Sauce: 15 pints
Carrots: 24 pints
Beans: 27 pints
plus a few extra random things (like fruit cocktail! also carrot pudding, apple pie filling, and apricots) for fillers

I consider this a success. And my food storage is currently very happy. Y'know, if we want to live for awhile on just vegetables and jelly.

* Not everything fit on the table, plus some stuff was still cooking, not yet processed, or frozen when I took the original picture. So I had to do it in various pictures in order to get it all.
** Jessica, please note that I arranged all the pints on the table in rainbow order. Just for you. You'll have to ignore the quarts.
*** Note that Aunt Grace is still filling bottles. That bowl in the background filled several more pints before she was through.


Josh & Jul said...

Wow. I really admire you, Tianna (sorry, not you BJ), for doing all of this! That's amazing!! I'll need to get some tips from you sometime...

Katya said...

Does Jessica really like rainbow order?