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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 months and 2nd vacc.

Well, Kessa had her 4-month appointment today, despite being a week shy of being 4 months old. I was a little nervous because it was scheduled for right in the middle of her naptime, but I got lucky and she had her best night ever! She went to bed at 8 pm, I fed her in her sleep at 11:30, she woke up fussy at 5:30, but that was because she managed to get out of her SwaddleMe (how the heck?! She's Houdini!) so I just swaddled her back up, calmed her down and put her back to bed. She was easily back to sleep in 20 mins or less. And that, my friends, is huge progress. And THEN, she slept until 8 am! That's 12 hours from start to finish with a miniscule wakeup in the middle. I am one happy momma. Because of her amazing amount of sleep, she was able to stay awake and happy (for the most part) at the pediatrician, came home and immediately went to sleep without a fuss. [Pride]

The pediatrician says she is … (anyone want to take a guess at what word he chose?) … perfect! (Haha! You were wrong!) And then later he said she is wonderful. Ahh… there it is… :)

Ok, stats!
Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz. 37%
Head Circumference: 15 in. 1.47%
Length: 26 in. 97.72% !!!!!!!

Holy cow she's tall! We've got ourselves a tall, skinny, small-headed girl. (Btw, I guess the head doesn't really grow much until the 2nd six months, so the doctor isn't worried at all, even though her percentile went down from 2.7% last time. Whew! I'm interested to see what it does during her second six months.) The pediatrician told me that growth often comes in spurts, which means that just because she's ridiculously tall now doesn't mean that she'll stay in that percentile. But I'm betting (what happened to my be-more-righteous resolve?! ;) ) that she's taller than me by junior high.

At the end of the appointment she got her second round of vaccinations. Today she got the DTaP-HIB-IPV (Pentacel) #2, Prevnar #2, and Rotavirus (Rotateq) #2. Luckily that last one was oral, so she only had to get two shots this time. She was happy through everything, including the oral vaccine which she lapped right up, and then screamed through the shots. Instant tears. It was heartbreaking. She calmed down a bit when I picked her up, but then when I tried to put her in her carseat she screamed again. She seemed to be saying, "Mom! Don't you remember what happened last time you put me down?! IT HURT!" So I held her through checkout and she cried a little bit when I put her in her carseat, but her binkie saved the day and by the time we got out to the car, so was calm. Not exactly happy, but calm. Then we came home and she went straight to bed! I'm hoping she does better with this set of vaccinations than she did with the last.

[crosses fingers]


The Dipo's said...

Well, atleast you don't have any trouble getting shirts over her head. Noah was in the 100% percentile when he was born and stayed int he 90's until he was 2! I had to rip many seams to get clothes on him. LOL! No he is quite normal and in the 70% LOL!

T&JCroxall said...

Hahaha, me too Amanda. I've been looking for a hat for Kailyn for winter and can't even stretch any toddler ones over that big noggin. I am so happy to hear how well Kessa is sleeping (well, slept - hopefully it continues)! She is 'perfect'! They all are :)