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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just being helpful

Last night BJ reached over and tickled my sides. I laughed and pushed him away.
"I was trying to be helpful!" he explained.
"How is that helpful??!!??"
"I was... making sure you could still feel your sides."
"Why wouldn't I be able to feel my sides?"
"Well, Jessica can't."*
"Yes, well Jessica had major surgery and they cut her nerves. My nerves have never been cut."
"Maybe Voldemort got to you and cut your nerves?"
"I think I would have felt it."
"Maybe he hexed you so that you don't remember it?"
"I still think I would feel the pain. And why would Voldemort attack my side?"
"The Death Eaters, then. And for fun. And maybe they just numbed your side."
"… The Death Eaters numbed my side. For fun. So that I couldn't be tickled."
"And that's why you're tickling me?"
"I'm just trying to be helpful."

I was laughing far too hard to carry on this conversation any further.

*Jessica is a good friend who went through major surgery last year, including them cutting the nerves in her side. She still has a numb spot.


Carly Jane said...

I didn't know Jessica had surgery (which makes sense since I don't keep up with her through a blog... does she have a blog?). Anyhow, I hope she's ok (I'm sure she is since it's been a year...) Long story short (long comment short?) tell her hello from me!

The Dipo's said...

That conversation has nerd written all over it ;o) LOL! Love you guys!