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Monday, January 18, 2010


Ellie is getting to the point that she can talk really well. She also has picked up on the cutest words and phrases that just send me into fits of giggles. (It's quite possible that you have to hear her say them to be funny. But think of a 3-year old little girl saying these.)

- "Mother" Not Mom, Mommy, or Momma. Nope. It has to be Mother. "Can I have more cheesy bread, Mother?" I'm reminded of 101 Dalmations every time I hear it. "I'm hungry, Mother. We're all hungry, Mother."
- Me: "Do you want some cheesy bread?" Ellie: "Yes, indeed."
- Bonnie was trying to get Ellie to ask for more candy in sign language. She got the more down, but couldn't remember the sign for candy. Bonnie: "What is candy?" Ellie: "It's not very much like a meal, but more like a snack."

I know there are more… but I can't really remember them right now. But these are at least the ones that sent me into fits of giggles tonight.

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Josh & Jul said...

So adorable!! Feels like talking is so far away when they're so young, but I'm sure it'll come fast!