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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goddard Christmas Party 2009

Every year BJ's mom's family has a Christmas party. There is a dinner first, then a white elephant gift exchange (which I have been hearing about since before we got married, but hadn't experienced until this year), then a piano duet by Uncle Richard and Uncle Dave (which, unfortunately, we had to miss this year because Kessa was so tired, but I hear it's… umm.. quite the performance).

Dinner was great. Shawn had just gotten home from his mission earlier in the day, so we sat at his table and got to talk to him.

Next, the white elephant gift exchange. This is the stereotypical white elephant gift exchange. Please come expecting to get things that you don't want to take home. Though, there were some really nice things there, too.
BJ and I had fun with our gifts. First was another white elephant that Uncle Richard got:
Our second gift was a box of chocolates. With pictures of BJ and I eating a handful of the chocolates.
Here I am opening a gift which turned out to be a men's wedding band! With the promise that I could exchange it for any style or size. (His cousin sells men's wedding bands.) Unfortunately, it got stolen from me. Happily, it got stolen by someone who needed it much more than we did.
This was the highlight of the night. A U of U umbrella. The crowd was separated into die-hard BYU and Ute fans. Half of the group wanted it to take proudly to games. The other half wanted it so that it could never be taken to games.
It was stolen several times until Grandma Goddard stole it and hid it in her jacket. Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Well, it worked for most of the night, until the very last person to steal. BJ's cousin, Rochelle, had brought her boyfriend. He was a Ute fan. He wanted the umbrella. He got up to steal it. Rochelle, horrified, yelled, "You can't steal from her! THAT'S MY GRANDMA!" Uh-oh. Now the decision. The prize he really wanted or pleasing the girlfriend? He was wise. Grandma left with the umbrella.

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