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Sunday, January 17, 2010

FHE - Forgiveness

Every Monday night we hold Family Home Evening with Bonnie (a Homer family friend) and her family. We combine it with dinner and switch off who makes dinner and who hosts it at their home. We've been doing this since approximately halfway through my pregnancy with Kessa. It's been really fun.

There is one lesson in particular that BJ did that just made me laugh and I'd like to share with you. It was our turn for the lesson and we had… umm… not really prepared. But BJ, being very smart, realized the trick with small children (Ellie was 3 and Sarah was 18 months). Use pictures. You can make any point so long as there are pictures involved. Luckily, he happened to have all of our wedding pictures on his iPod Touch. So he pulled it out and the girls came over. (Ok, Ellie came over. Sarah was hanging out on the floor.)

Then began the lesson. "Look! This little girl is pulling off his glasses. Do you think that would make him mad?" "Yes!" "Do you think he should be mad? Or do you think he should forgive her?" "Fohgive hew."

"Look at this boy. It looks like his eye is hurt. Do you think maybe someone poked his eye?" [nods] "Do you think he should forgive whoever did it to him?" "Yeah"

And now, because BJ and I got married, and I have an awesome photographer brother, and a wonderful sister with awesome kids, we all know that we should forgive instead of getting mad.

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Courtney said...

I looked at the picture before I read the blog and thought to myself "there is NO WAY their baby is THAT grown up!" Goo! Then I read and actually figured it out.