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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super Mario 3

Tonight in approximately 12 minutes I beat World 1 of Super Mario 3. In those 12 minutes I cleared every level (yes, even the ones I didn't have to), I got a spade card (what are those things called? Where you get to turn over cards and if you get a match, you get the item), and had the following in my stock pile: 2 whistles, mushroom, flower, leaf, star, and a p-wing. I ended with 2 star cards and 19 lives. (I'm a little irritated because I should have 23 lives, but missed one star card. Grrr.)

In the time I wrote this blog post, BJ is still on World 2-1 and has lost 4 lives. [sigh] ;)

To his credit, he could destroy me in Mega Man any day of the week.


Optimistic. said...

Forgive my boldness, but I could waste either of you in either Mega Man or Mario. I spent weeks at a time on those games as a kid.

Optimistic. said...

That comment sounded a lot more confrontational than I meant it to. I meant it in a sort of "bring it on" sense rather than a "whatever dud you're so lame" sense. Sorry.

Still, though, bring it on. I'd love a showdown.