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Sunday, February 15, 2009


So, I'm really enjoying the beauty of the snow, and I'm not really even minding the coldness of winter. (Except when our heater broke... but that's another story.) But I am really tired of the practical side of winter. I'm tired of scraping the windshield (although BJ is a dear and always does it when we drive together), and huddling up with a blanket in my car. I'm tired of Pete (our car) squealing when he's cold and embarrassing me to death when I take BJ to campus. I'm sick of trying to navigate over ice and snow on foot, especially since I wear church shoes every day except Saturday. They're simply not made for that kind of weather. I fell for the first time the other day. Luckily for the baby, it wasn't a bad fall, nor was it very far. I have a red mark on my knee, but that's the extent of the lasting damage. But it's really frightening to think that a bad fall could hurt not only me, but my unborn child as well. It's just a lot of pressure, y'know?

So, knowing that I'm very ready for Spring to be here, you can imagine my excitement when I came home the other day to see this poking up in my front flower bed.

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Jess said...

No wonder your car squeals—you've got his name wrong! It's Peat, short for Peat Moss, remember? Silly Tanna... ;)