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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Couponing - Take 2

This time I decided to try my hand at couponing at Target. All this pictured? $3.50. Yup, that's less than you'd pay if you just went and bought that Listerine that's pictured below.

How? This time every coupon can be printed from your computer. No need for newspaper ads. All Target coupons can be found here. All manufacturers coupons I've provided a link for.

  • Listerine - On sale for $3.99. $1/1 Target coupon and $2/1 manufacturer's coupon here. Total: $0.99
  • Goldfish crackers - $1.79 each. $1/1 Target coupon here. Total: $0.79 each (or $1.58 total)
  • Kashi bars - On sale for $2.50. $1/1 Target coupon and $2/1 manufacturer's coupon here. (In the lower right corner) Total: Profit of $0.50
  • Cauliflower and Broccoli - Regular $2.49 and $2.29 respectively. On sale for $1.50. Target coupon $1/1. Total: $0.50 each (or $1.00 for both)
  • Baby Buddies soap - $0.97 each. $3/3 manufacturer's coupon here. Total: Profit of $0.09.
Subtotal: $2.98. Tax = $0.52
Total: $3.50

Story: I had to do this in two transactions so that I could use 2 broccoli/cauliflower and Goldfish coupons. The first transaction was everything except those two items. It rang up to $2.17. Now, For as many items as the cashier rang through, it could very easily be assumed that the "17" was the dollar amount. So she started to tell me the total, "Your total is seventeen ... [pause to double check the screen] Whoa. [shakes head] "Two seventeen." It made me chuckle inside.


The De Souzas said...

Tianna, how incredibly thoughtful of you to post all this, especially with the links! I have NEVER been a couponer, simply because it seems like too much work. What can I say, I'm SUPER lazy. But now I'm motivated. I'm going to follow all your simple steps and go buy exactly what you bought. I'm so excited!

Tay said...

Tianna, you are super. post your savings always! Well, maybe not, but you got me coupon crazy. :) And i'd say that we don't need to save money right now, but when does anybody not need to save money? Why spend $20 when I can spend $10? Why use my whole grocery budget when i can only use a fraction of it? Woohoo!