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Monday, August 23, 2010

Veggie Derby

My Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve (sadly not pictured) just got off their mission to Jordan.  (Jealous!)  So we had a sort of family reunion / party to celebrate their return.  We started with a potluck, we ended with a slide show.  And the middle was filled with a veggie derby.  What is a veggie derby?  Good question.  I had no idea.  Basically it's a pinewood derby, but the cars are made out of veggies (with wooden wheels and nails to keep them in.  And random toothpicks to hold things together).

Here's my mom's car.  Notice the driver is all demonic-looking and the passenger is scared out of its wits?  I don't blame it.  It went down the track in circles.

Here are BJ and I working on our car.  He shaped the car and I made the peoples.  (And yes, the sun was superbright.)

Awww… isn't our car fer cute?  Mom decided it was us.  BJ's got a potato hat, and I'm a hippie child with a borage flower from our salad on my head.  We decided to do a three-wheeled car to try and prevent the spinning in circles down the track tendency.

Most people used potatoes.  Some people got creative.  Here's a zucchini.  It won almost every time.  I think from sheer weight.

Or how about a cob of corn?  It didn't do so hot.  The wheels were too high up and the corn rubbed against the track.

Oh! Here's a potato.  Shaped and decorated like a mouse.  I loved it!

Here's the lineup of all the contenders.  

 And here are the three winners!  (Yes! Our car took first place!)

Though, turns out, we're gonna be all wrinkly and moldy when we get old.  Gross.

And now here we have a video of the winning race.  Watch our car take the lead right at the last minute.  And hear me screaming in giddiness in the background.  Haha.

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