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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tower of Babel

We do FHE every week with Bonnie and Co.  Here and there, BJ and I will come up with an impromptu lesson.  BJ decided to teach the Tower of Babel.  They used Kessa's blocks to build a tower.  With every new block placed, they had to say one bad thing the people did.  Like crossing the street without their mom or not sharing with their sister.  Then when it got really tall, they toppled it over.

Here is Ellie with the tower, pre-topple.

Later they built the City of Enoch, building it by saying all the good things those people did.  BJ tried to raise the city to heaven, but a few inches off the ground, it toppled.  Turns out, God is a lot better at raising cities to heaven than BJ is.

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Teresa Homer said...

i love those blocks!