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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sick Kessa

Right after her birthday party, Kessa came down with strep throat.  We didn't diagnose it for a few days, because she had just got her shots and we were warned that she might get a fever about a week later.  Well, the timing was right, and so was the fever.  So we just assumed that's what it was.  For a day or two, Kessa had zero energy at all.  She wasn't really grumpy, just… there.  This is what we did for most of those days… it broke my heart.

On Tuesday she was diagnosed with strep throat, so we got her on antibiotics and immediately called/emailed everyone that had been in contact with her in the previous 5 days or so to warn them of the chance of strep.  Of course, her birthday party had fallen in that time, making the number of people she could have infected much larger than normal.

The only person we know to have gotten it from her was Uncle Travis.  (Was the head rub worth it?)  He played with her for most of the party and looks like he got the worst end of it.  But despite the problems it caused, both of them got over it and life is good again.

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