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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kessa's birthday

Ok, I know this is two months late, but better late than never, right?

Here's the finished cake, complete with a candle and a thin mint to eat.

Kessa liked everyone singing to her.

She really wanted to eat one of the cupcakes.

She was not happy at all when Daddy started to cut her cake.  (I love the look on her face here!)

But all was forgiven when she got to eat the gooey/crumbly mess.

Meet our photographer, Uncle Travis

This is how Kessa thanked him for all the fun pictures.  (Uncle Travis loved it.) 

Grandma was also a photographer.  But she didn't get a head rub.  She was super jealous, I'm sure.  (Soon Kessa will learn that Grandma gives a quarter for head rubs.  Uncle Travis doesn't.) 

Daddy got an iPad that day.  Everyone was enamored by it.  (How come Daddy gets presents at Kessa's birthday party?)

After most of the guests left, we played Great Dalmuti.  Here Travis is the Great Peon (like the hat?) while Andrea plays with Kessa's new stacking blocks.

Happy 1st birthday, Kessa!  We love you!

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