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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!

BJ and I had a talk about Valentine's Day a week or so ago about what it means and what we wanted to do with it. BJ had the complaint that he felt like Valentine's Day was all about proving his love, which he thought (and he was right) that he did on a daily basis. Why should there be a day set aside in which he has to prove his love to me? I thought that was a very valid point. So I pointed out a different way to look at it. Instead of it being a day to prove our love to each other, it could be a day that we celebrate our love together! I like this idea a lot better. It takes a lot of pressure off of both of us, and neither of us have to feel like we're lame because we didn't do anything spectacular on Valentine's Day. Instead, we could simply relax and enjoy our time together and make the celebration of love fun.

Breakfast was simple. Pink, heart-shaped pancakes! Mmmm. Oh, and orange juice in red cups.

I had to be a bit more creative for Kessa's breakfast. Pears and strawberries! Pink!) She was also wearing pajamas with hearts on it, and her "I love my Grandma" bib. (Grandma, will you be her Valentine?) (Yes, both Grandmas.)) Man, she just ate that pink stuff up!

After her breakfast, she snacked on Cheerios. They are not pink, but man, she loves her some Cheerios.

After breakfast, BJ and I swapped gifts. ("What?! I thought you weren't proving your love! THAT'S WHAT GIFTS ARE FOR!!" Nonsense. We both made something small that we could both enjoy and cost next to nothing.) BJ made me a video of pictures and videos starting with us dating and ending with Kessa set to "At the Beginning" from Anastasia. It was adorable. It was really fun to reminisce through all of the things that happened between now and then, laughing periodically. Thanks, BJ!

I based my gift off of this blog post. I planned a date for us for every month for the rest of the year. Each one was represented by a picture inside an envelope. It included mostly free/cheap things and one big splurge. Everything from a temple night, to rock climbing, to Hale Center Theater (the splurge).

For lunch Kessa had beets. Can you get more red than beets?

Kessa wore her Valentine's dress to church today. I wore a red short-sleeved sweater and BJ wore a red tie.

We made our Primary class Valentines. Awwww. Aren't we fer cute? (Pretend this is printed on cardstock, the same size as a business card.)
For dinner, we stuck with the red food theme. We had a tomato vegetable soup, harvard beets, and biscuits (with the option of strawberry jam).

By the end of the day, Kessa was plumb tuckered out.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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