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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas Week part 1

BJ had a lot of fun playing with my nieces and nephews.
But then again, they had a lot of fun playing with him. Doesn't he look cute with all of the Christmas bows on his head?
Here we have Brandon playing with Kessa. (It's the week of playing!) Look closely. Do you see the crown on her head? She's our little princess.
Kessa wasn't the only one Brandon played with, though. Here he is with Aimee, teaching her how to ride their dog, Tate, since they were fresh out of horses.
My turn to play! The boys really, really wanted to learn how to crochet. So, being the long-suffering, favorite aunt, I got both Brandon and Cody (and later Spencer) going on making a hot pad. They sometimes struggled with it (but that could have been my teaching…) but were rather persistent. Often we'd come downstairs to find them crocheting. It warmed the cockles of my heart. Tragically, they didn't have time to finish and, well, I needed to take my hooks home with me. Maybe another trip we'll try again.
Tamra didn't need playmates. All she needed were a few dirty dishes and a washcloth.
See how happy she is? Man… if only I could convince myself to be that happy doing dishes.

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