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Friday, February 5, 2010


Kessa was pretty adept at rolling. One day I watched as she rolled herself all the way down the hall. She stopped only when she got distracted by the laundry hamper.
But then, she started figuring out how to get up on her hands and knees.

Now let's look at some videos of her progress. (Because I'm a mom, and I want to show such things, whether you care or not.)

This was January 12. She was just figuring out how to get up onto her hands and knees. She could do it, but it took awhile.

By January 17th, she could get up pretty quickly.

By January 20th, she could get around, even if you can't really call it crawling.

Since then she has definitely increased in mobility. She still isn't crawling, but she can certainly get wherever she wants to go. Typically she's whining while crawling over to Mommy. She's a bit needy now. But at least she can get over to me on her own.

1 comment:

Carly Jane said...

isn't it thrilling?! I'm sure we'll regret our eagerness soon enough, but I love my mobile baby too!