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Monday, February 8, 2010


But don't worry. All of the Not Happiness is made up for tenfold with the Giggling. View these videos as proof, if you don't believe me.

This is the Homer's dog, Jax. He will chase that ball all day long if someone will keep throwing it. Kessa loved it. Unfortunately, I was only smart enough to bring the camera out during the tail end of it as her giggles were calming down.

This phenomenon has only ever happened twice. But I was giggling as much as she was whilst it happened.

Oh man, Kessa loves going upside down. (Tragically, another tail-end video. And please forgive my fake giggle. It was making her laugh, too.)

And apparently she also loves balloons. And Sarah. (You can ignore Shawn in the background. He came with us to FHE and didn't realize that we were making a video.)

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