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Friday, February 5, 2010


Kessa has always loved to stand. Always. From the time she was a newborn, she would often stretch her legs, refusing to bend them in order to sit. She just likes the view from higher up, I guess. Maybe it's a good thing that she'll probably be tall.

One day I walked into the living room to see BJ on the floor, grinning. "Look at Kessa!" And to my surprise, she was standing on her own. Oh, sure, she's leaning against the couch, but still. She's not old enough to do that. (Nor has she done it since. She's stood while leaning up against couches and chairs with her belly leaning on them, but never facing away.)

Nor did it last long. "Catch me, Daddy!"

1 comment:

Josh + Jul said...

Mario Kart wheel! Awesome. And Elsa is the same exact way. She just wants to stand all the time! I wonder if she'll be doing this in six weeks, except couches are non-existent here, hah.