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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What do you put in your freezer?

I want to do some freezer meals. I don't find a lot of time to cook anymore (thanks, Kessa!) and I'm sure BJ would appreciate still eating dinner. So I was thinking, I could take one Saturday when BJ could watch Kessa while I just cook all day. So I started doing some research on freezer meals, specifically trying to find recipes and tips (like, don't use sour cream because it becomes thin/watery) and one site suggested using once-a-month cookbooks. So I went to the Orem Public Library catalog and searched for "Once-a-month cooking" and it returned, not a list of books to choose from, but one book. This book.

That is not at all what I had in mind.


Bingham Co said...

That is funny. :) There is a site about once a month cooking - will send it when I find it again.

Bingham Co said...

Katya said...

If you're willing to give the OPL a second chance, try call number 641.555. These are the books they have:

Frozen assets : how to cook for a day and eat for a month

The once-a-week cooking plan : the incredible cooking program that will save you 10 to 20 hours a week (and have your family begging for more!)

Dinner is ready : a complete guide to freezing 30 meals in just one day, with over 150 freezer-worthy recipes

Make it now, bake it later! : the next generation : more than 200 easy and delicious recipes for make-ahead dishes

Girlfriends on the go : [a busy mom's guide to make-ahead meals]

Dream dinners : turn dinnertime into family time with 100 assemble-and-freeze meals

And for what it's worth, Andrei Codrescu is pretty great. :)

007 and the A team said...

The Dipo's said...

There are those businesses out there that let you use their stuff to make freezer/fridge meals. I don't know how much they cost, but you could go and learn a few receipes and then take it from there or something. The one by us is called dreamdinners... I've seen another one called my girlfriends place.... They seem to be everywhere. Good luck with it all/ :o)

Alison said...

I have the book -Dinner is Ready," and I use it quite a bit. Lots of tips and recipes. But some favorite freezer recipes include chicken enchaladas, lasagna, cream cheese (crock pot) chicken, and frozen pizzas. Also, soups work well too. Good luck cooking! (And sometimes it works well to just double a recipe you're making for dinner, and put half in the freezer).

Emily said...

Yesterday when I was pulling books at work, I stumbled upon our freezer cooking section.

The one book that looked especially good was:

The Best Freezer Cookbook
Freezer Friendly Recipes, Tips and Techniques, by Jan Main

There were a couple others, but they were like, from the 70's.

Karla said...

Tianna, I used to do that all the time when my kids were younger. It is GREAT. Sour cream won't get thin and watery if you make sure it is combined with a "cream" based soup. (Like Cream of Mushroom.) I had a cookbook that i used but it is not in print anymore. I am sure you can find something.