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Friday, July 31, 2009

Now the dawn

Upon the recommendation of my sister, I called the nurse at the pediatrician's and got permission to give Kessa Infant Tylenol. (They also had to give me a dosage, because the bottle won't tell you under 24 pounds... it just says to call a doctor.) We gave her her first dose at 3:30 pm yesterday. Miraculously she just slept for most of the next four hours. I even had to rouse her to eat. Sadly, soon after I gave her the Tylenol, she developed a fever. I'm glad I gave her the Tylenol when I did. By the time BJ got home, her fever had mostly gone. So we ate dinner, gave her some more Tylenol (7:30), fed her, and proceeded to enjoy the happiest baby we've seen in the evening in quite some time. Apparently being minorly sick caused her to be exhausted enough to actually nap in the evening, which meant when she was awake, she was actually happy. It was wonderful. Poor BJ rarely gets to see a happy, content Kessa, because she's always so stinkin' tired by the time he gets home and just refuses to sleep. It was good for him to get to just play with her. We gave her a bath before we went to bed (the nurse said it might help her sleep better) and I asked BJ to hold her while I got ready for bed. Next we knew, she was sound asleep in his lap. So we held off bedtime for awhile. We finally went to bed, she woke enough to take some medicine, and it was off to bed for the two of us.

She didn't wake up to eat until almost 5 am. She last ate at 10 pm. That's almost 7 hours between eating. (Only 5 hours sleeping.) Holy cow. Amazing what being sick can do to a baby. She slept again until 6:30, but then had a wet bum and couldn't sleep. So we changed it and went back to bed until 8:30. I fed her, and she went back to sleep again. For about another hour. Holy cow. The only reason she woke up then, I think, was because Damian called and I had left my phone in the bedroom (silly Tianna). I think she would have gone back to sleep, except she had wet herself again, and this time it leaked all over. (Laundry day!) So she was awake. Bath time and getting dressed for the day, and now she's in the Snugli on my chest, sound asleep again.

I'm not sure how to handle a baby that sleeps so much. Do you think it'll continue?


Bingham Co said...

Boy you have a smart sister, or at least an experienced one. Bet you are glad you listened to her advice. She seems to be on a roll with her advice lately.

The Dipo's said...

I'm not saying the following to make light of your situation.... but it is kinda funny reading all of your "new mommy" stories. :o) It takes me back to the days of Noah... LOL! Good luck with it all.