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Monday, July 6, 2009

The many faces and positions of Kessalyn

I'm told I don't put enough pictures on here. So here is our next batch of pictures. We've been taking pictures for a few weeks now of the many faces that Kessalyn makes, and the many funny positions she gets herself in... specifically her hands. Enjoy!

I love the look on her face here... it's so mischievous.
She slept with her arm like this for an hour. Ouch!
This is the dress that my Aunt Grace made for me when I was a baby. She gets lots of compliments on it when she wears it to church.
Hmmm... let me ponder that...

Her aunt Jessa will be pleased to see that she's bound to be a cello player.


Sharrard Family said...

Siera had a crocheted dress kind of like that. It used to be mine also and we had lots of compliments too! Kessalyn is so adorable! Love the pics thanks for sharing them!

Jessalyn said...

I LOVE HER!!! And if that's not a sign that she should play the cello then I don't know what is.