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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The start of the baby - Or is it the start

So now the laptop has been turned over to me (the sister Jalin).   The champ (Mom) has been going all day.  She did some cleaning, face booking, playing with kids, making food and the typical mom activities.   She has been a little tired, but who are we to judge.

Here is the start of the night.  Heather ( the mid wife) showed up about 7:00ish.  She was acting as if it were a normal day, but with lots of people around.  They put a few homeopathic pills under her tongue.  Then we moved the party upstairs.  At 7:30 she decided to take a potty break, which to her surprise was a new experience.  Her water broke and sprayed the bathroom.  She came out laughing with a questioning voice "I think my water broke?"  We laughed and then agreed.

7:45 -- was the check from Heather.  As she is laying there laughing and acting as if it is just an routine visit, Heather declares that she is at an 8 on one side and almost a 9 on the other, Abby was really low.  Okay - what is up with that!!!!!  At this point, most women are dying and very uncomfortable.  Not Tianna, she is making jokes and laughing with the rest of us.

8:00 -- Tianna is receiving a full belly massage of fennel and something else.  Heather asked her if she felt a contraction.  Can you guess the response?  "Was that a contraction, I thought it was just the baby moving."

8:10ish -- She just went to walk around for a bit.  She was going to get her shoes and go for a walk outside.  Now I know she is crazy!!!  She didn't, she just walked around downstairs.  Should I reveal that she gets to be like a goldie oldie!!!  Sure why not, they gave me the permission to blog.  She gets to wear a depends while she is walking.  

8:20 -- She is now back upstairs and she is not so lively and animated.  

8:28 --  It is to the point she is breathing through contractions.  Sitting on the birthing ball, leaning against BJ while the doula gives her a back massage.  Soothing music playing in the back ground.  Lights down and candles twinkling in the background.  How much better could it be for this point in the labor!!!

8:30 -- She just informed us that it is getting to the point that she is starting to feel a small urge to push.  Abby's heart beat is sounding wonderful and The Champ is still the champ of labor.

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