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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abigail, part 1

Remember how we blogged Kessa's birth story all along the way?  Well, here we go again with Abigail's!

Yesterday I went in for a routine appointment at my midwife's and decided to get checked.  (I had declined last week, but so many people asked me, I figured I should have something to tell them.)  Turns out, I was 100% effaced, dilated to a 6, and baby was at a +1. Heather (my midwife) kept saying, "She's just right there!"  There were two assistants that asked, "How are you even walking?!"  Uhhh… one step at a time?  I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to be walking.  :D  I honestly had no idea that I could possibly be this far along.  I had felt a few, what I assumed to be, Braxton-Hicks contractions, and I've been uncomfortable, but having never reached this point in labor before, I just assumed it was all just normal end-of-pregnancy woes.  Turns out, they've been productive!  Who knew?

I really wanted my sister, Jalin, to be there for this labor, since my mom is gone on her mission, but she lives 10-12 hours away, so it didn't seem likely that she'd be able to actually be there for labor.  To make matters worse, her husband is going to be out of town starting next Tuesday and will be gone for a week.  So in order for Jalin to come stay with me for a week, I needed to go into labor right away or wait till my due date of Feb. 3rd*.

All things considered, we decided to try a natural induction.  This is much different than a medical induction.  From what they told me, a natural induction includes some capsules (like elderberry or something?  I can't recall edited: evening primrose), then an hour-long massage followed by an hour walk.  (And of course, it's raining.  So I think we'll go walk around the church.)  Worst case: my body isn't actually ready and won't do anything, but I'll get an hour massage out of it. Best case, I'll have a baby by morning!

So we're doing that tonight in about 20 minutes.  Wish us luck!

*Due date is Feb 2 according to my LMP and Feb 3 according to the ultrasound.


Japolina said...

How exciting!
I love that you're blogging while in labor!
Good luck.

Jess Dickerson said...

Awesome! Good luck, and keep us posted! Love you all!