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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The end is in sight

8:40 -- Tianna is now in the birthing tub.  Leaning against the edge with two massagers now.  One for the upper back and shoulders and then the other for the lower back.  The best part is listening to her, she sounds like she is purring.  A content mother enjoying the miracles of life.  She may correct the wording later if she likes, but she does seem content from the onlookers point of view.

Off topic - not only is there a play by play blow her on the blog, but she has her own photographer (Jessa) that is getting the visual coverage of this amazing event.
Another side note - this is the best smelling delivery.  These essential oils help with the soothing ambience of the natural birth.  As I sit here and type, there are 3 people sitting around making her comfortable.  BJ is right there holding her hands with tender words of encouragement.  Jessa and I wait for our next chance to do our jobs.  Heather is out in the family room with another assistant.  All this attention for a special baby that is preparing to make her debut into this world.

8:57 -- and she is starting to get a little more labored in her breathing, but still holding strong.

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