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Friday, October 28, 2011

They say it happens in three's

October 13th was a rather … eventful… day.  It started out well enough.  Kessa and I played happily all morning.  She went down for a nap and I left her with Mama Homer while I headed down to Provo.  First I picked up my camera at a ropes course we attended a month prior.  Apparently having two cameras makes me not worry so much when I don't see my camera at all for a month.  Then I stopped by my friend, Bonnie's, house for a quick minute to say hi.  Then I went to Joanns and bought some yarn and crochet hooks to make my nephew an adorable football hat (that apparently I never took a picture of).  Then I headed off to Allred's Orchards to buy some apples to can some apple pie filling, because I was completely out.

And that's when it all started.

1.  I bought the apples and went to put them in the trunk of my mother-in-law's car.  (My car is still dead from the alien invasion, so I borrow their car whenever I need to run errands.)  I turned the key, without any extra pressure at all, when suddenly, the keyless entry portion was still in my hand while the key was still in the trunk.  I was dumbfounded.  I got the apples in the trunk, then called BJ, "I, uh… just broke your mom's car key."  To make matters even better, I couldn't start the car with just the key portion.  It took me awhile to figure out, but apparently both portions are needed to start the car.  So I had to put them back together and hold both halves while turning it.  Great fun indeed.  Needless to say, I skipped the rest of my errands and drove straight to Trav's to make apple pie filling.  My one consolation was that I remembered hearing a random conversation between Carol and John a week or so before where he was asking about some keys and if she knew they were cracked.  So I crossed my fingers that these were the same keys.

2.  Travis wasn't home yet, so I stuck on my apron, turned Harry Potter on my iPod and stuck it in the pocket, and started slicing apples.  After awhile I decided I needed to make the sauce to pour over top, so I bent over to grab a pot from the cupboard.  Immediately my iPod slid out of my apron pocket and hit the tile floor, face down.  I was immediately sick.  I didn't want to turn it over.  But I did anyway.  And saw my screen was shattered.  I went straight to the computer and chatted at BJ, almost disbelieving that I had broken two expensive items in the course of an hour.  Travis came home then, and up to that point I had been in control emotionally.  But when I actually saw another human face and held up my iPod, I burst into tears, sobbing, "I'm not crying!  I'm pregnant!"

3.  Well, I eventually calmed down, we turned on Harry Potter in Trav's office, then went back to canning.  I sat there peeling, coring and slicing apples, minding my own business while Travis went outside to pick some tomatoes.  (We were also canning spaghetti sauce.)  He walked in just in time for me to hold up my recently-sliced finger and ask, "So, do you have any bandaids?"  Turns out, that peeler/slicer/corer gadget is sharp!  

In good news, two days later the Homers had a new key (it had, in fact, been cracked.  So I was just the unlucky fool to be using it at the wrong time), the wonderful man at the Apple Store gave me a brand new iPod for free (after my sob story and telling him that I really didn't want to spend $150 fixing it when we wanted to upgrade to iPhones anyway in February when our T-Mobile contract expired) and my finger had healed enough to remove the bandaid.  So apparently bad things happen in 3's, but they can all become good things in 3's, too.

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