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Monday, October 17, 2011


We've been teaching Kessa to say "please" lately. She's figured out what "can you ask nicely?" means, and she knows that if she says "please," she can sometimes get things she wouldn't otherwise get. Hooray!

Well, this last weekend we took a trip up to Idaho for our nephew's baby blessing. On the way up, Kessa had been snacking on goldfish crackers and potato chips, and we decided she'd had enough. Kessa asked for more, and we told her she was all done. She was NOT pleased with that, and started whining.


"No, Kessa. We're all done with crackers."


"No, Kessa. No crackers."

"<whine> Cahkers, pwease?"

"I'm sorry, Kessa. No more crackers until after your nap."

"<whine whine whine>"

"Kessa, no whining. I know you want crackers, but you can't whine."

"I want whine."

"No, Kessa. We don't whine."

" ... I want whine, pwease."

What do you say to that? Really, does life get any more adorable?

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