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Friday, October 28, 2011

Temple Square

We had Regional Conference last Sunday and our stake was one of 20 invited to go to the Conference Center to watch it.  Kessa did fantastic with a collection of books, paper, crayons and dolls.  (She did just as fantastic during the Saturday evening session the night before.)  I am quite impressed with her ability to stay quiet during church meetings.  Her ability to stay still?  Not so much.  But quiet?  Yes.  For the most part.

Kessa was enamored by the waterfall outside the Conference Center.  Can I blame her?  Not really.  She's my daughter after all.  We decided to get a family picture in front of the waterfall.  Unfortunately we were staring directly into the sun, so our faces are a little shadowed and squinty.  Please forgive us.  (Baby 2.0 not pictured)

On our way back to the car, we walked through Temple Square.  While Papa and Mama Homer visited with some people they knew, we took pictures of Kessa in front of the temple.  I love the top one where she's peering off into who-knows-what and the bottom one has the most adorable smile.  

Also, notice that she actually has enough hair for pigtails now!  And she does a fantastic job of holding still (enough) while I put them in her hair.  She started the day with bows in her pigtails, too, but for some reason, she doesn't ever let those stay more than an hour or two.

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