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Friday, October 28, 2011

Another house update

Well, our house is a month from being move-in ready.  1 month!  This is getting exciting.  And now, because I know that you've all been waiting on tenterhooks, just like we have (hahahaha… sure you have) I give you… pictures!

October 22, 2011
 They're starting the stucco!  

They've laid the vinyl in the kitchen, entry, and bathrooms! 

Oooh!  Texture on the ceiling!  But no paint yet. 

They've been mudding and sanding the walls, too! 

And they put in pillars on our front porch! 

Did I mention that our garage is super tall?  Because we've got the daylight basement, the garage covers most of the basement and the first floor.  We're talking about adding a floor above the garage door and using it for storage or a fort or something.  I mean, seriously.  Look at how much room there is over the garage door! 

October 26, 2011
I stopped by on my way home from a midwife appointment (baby looks great, btw!) and there were workers swarming EVERYWHERE (you can see one in the garage) so I didn't go inside.  But I was thrilled anyway because the stucco was on!  [squeal!]

October 27, 2011
There are shelves in the pantry and all the closets!  Also, they've painted all the walls and baseboards and installed all the doors!  (Well, apparently not all, because we found some in the basement, but by the time we realized that, we were in a hurry to leave (ok, I was in a hurry to leave.  I was hungry!) and didn't want to comb the house trying to figure out where there were missing doors.)  Also, to note (esp. for Jessa): the paint isn't that dark.  It's about that color, but not that dark.  The coloring in the picture is just off. 

They've painted the ceilings, too! 

Ok, so, did I mention that our front door is SO TALL?!  Didn't believe me from previous pictures?  Well, let's give you something to compare it to.  BJ is 6'1".  Doesn't he look like a little toy doll here?  IT'S SO TALL!  No stairs yet, though.
And the front!  Look!  There is rock on it now!  Doesn't it look so pretty?!  I'll be glad when the cement on the porch is covered in rock and there are stairs.  And a driveway.  And a garage door. And shutters.  But dude, I am so excited right now anyway.  It looks like a real house!  THIS IS EXCITING!

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