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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My awesome wife

It seems that Tianna's been doing most of the blogging on here lately. Sorry about that. I just had to jump in and mention what an awesome mother and wife Tianna is. Because of her skill in budgeting, we were recently able to buy a second car. Because of her talent for gardening, we're going to get a bunch of nearly-free food this year. Because of her dedication and love for Kessa, we have the most adorable baby in the world. (If you doubt me, it's because you didn't see her tonight.) Tianna is always working to improve herself. She's patient with me and even tries to decipher my nerdspeak on occasion. She accepts my family as her own, she plays MarioKart with me, and even lets me hang Star Wars photomosaics in the front room.

What more could I possibly ask?

Happy Mother's Day, Tianna!

1 comment:

JumpingJeri said...

I knew she was a saint, but Star Wars photomosaics in the front room! Tianna, you are going to go straight to heaven!