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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Misc posting

So we got our garden in and it was all happy and warm without a chance of freezing for weeks! Then one morning, without warning, we woke up to SNOW. Like, there were three inches on BJ's car when he went to work. It was heavy snow, too. One of the trees out front is now permanently leaning so far down that you will run into it if you walk down the sidewalk. (Yeah, that's fun while carrying a baby.) And when I mean we had no warning, every weather report I could find showing the current weather said it was at least 42 degrees with a good chance of rain. No mention of snow anywhere. And it kept snowing for hours. Luckily it melted by that evening and we're pretty sure the garden survived with no ill effects. Except maybe it killed our onions. But they were dying anyway.
Here's Kessa with Grandma Lovell. That flower on her head is actually a clip. This is proof that she DOES, in fact, have hair. Enough to clip a flower to, anyway.
Here we have Kessa and BJ playing tug-a-war with the washcloth we washed Kessa up with after her meal. BJ thought he'd make the game more fair by using his teeth instead of his hands. I think Kessa ended up winning.
Kessa loves the thermostat. Every once in awhile I'll notice that it's ridiculously hot and find that she's changed it to be 90 degrees or something. Typically it's not much of a problem because she can't reach it on her own yet. But come to find out she has more muscles than I gave her credit for. In this picture she used me (I was laying on the couch) to boost herself up, then when I moved, she kept herself hanging on long enough for me to get up, get the camera, and take a picture.
Kessa also loves being tall. If she can get up higher, she wants to. She'd rather stand than sit (obviously, since she can't sit); she'd rather walk (with help) than crawl; she'd rather be held in our arms; she'd prefer it if we were standing while holding her. Now her greatest height ever: Daddy's shoulders.
Here's her infamous car model pose! (I often take off the couch cushions so that she can play on the couch without crawling off the ends of the couch, which she has done before.) She hates to sit, so when she plays with toys (or remotes) she'll sit like this instead. I love the crossed feet.
Oh wait? You mean toys are supposed to go in here? But I just took them all out!
See? Here are the advantages of being tall! You can eat towel hooks!

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Tiffany said...

One of our favorite things about meeting Kessa was how strong she is! She is super strong! Like stronger than me!