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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden, part 2

Remember our pretty garden? Well, we decided to make a part two. It's in a good-for-little strip of land to the north of his house. The previous occupants apparently used it as a junk yard, because there was an old satellite dish and a rusted-through grill. And it was just full of weeds. I wish we had been smart enough to take a real before picture of it, because none of you will appreciate the full awesomeness of our hard work. So here is our mid-point picture.

This is after we pulled out all of the weeds and grass. (You can see a pile of sod in the middle, in front of the A/C unit. We were too tired to move it out at that point. (See Travis in the back right corner if you don't believe me.) That stuff is heavy.) We've also put in some edging to keep our pathway (which will later be filled with rocks) separate from our garden. We later put another, much smaller, bit off to the left, about where Casey (the guy on the left, obviously) is standing for a flower bed. The section on the right is for the vegetable/fruit. You can also see the pretty stepping stones that line the path. That way, even when we put the cobblestone down, you can still walk through barefoot. Yeah, we thought that far in advance. We're awesome that way. (Thanks BJ for the advice. :D)

You'll have to wait on more pictures of the after, though. Because by the time it got to the after stages, I got sick and haven't spent much time over there yet. I've only seen the after once. Actually, we're still waiting on irrigation for it to be fully finished. I'll post pictures later.

While I helped Travis lay the edging, Kessa played on her blanket. I left to get the diaper bag once and came back to find this. (She kicked off her pants while she was supposed to be napping and I hadn't gotten around to putting them back on yet.)

This is my attempt at getting the same picture he got. This is by far the best of my three attempts.

I was hoping that Kessa would happily play with her toys on her blanket so I could work. This isn't an insane hope. Up to that point she had been mostly scared to death of grass. But her Daddy had been working on getting her over her fear and turns out a pile of rocks was exactly the motivation she needed to fully conquer her fear. And like the good Mommy I am, I let her chew on the rock so I could get a picture.

And this is what happens when you leave Kessa alone with Uncle Travis for more than a couple of minutes. "I was wondering what I was going to do with all of those Toy Story stickers. And then it hit me! Decorate Kessa!"

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