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Monday, May 31, 2010

Idahoan ramblings

I'm in Idaho this week.

Kessa is trying to go to sleep, but crying instead.  There's nothing I can do (I suspect she'll go to sleep within minutes) so I decided to blog to take my mind off of it.

BJ, Kessa and I drove up on Saturday.  We had a really rough night that night with Kessa not wanting to sleep.  I was drugged, so really BJ had a rough night with Kessa.  We went to church, but then we came home and all three of us napped.  It was wonderful.

See?  Kessa has already stopped crying.  Hopefully that lasts.

Sunday afternoon we went with my parents to Island Park.  My sister-in-law's family has a cabin there and my brother and his family were spending Memorial Day weekend there and invited us to tag along.  So we did.  There was game playing and food eating and bug squashing.  I lost miserably in Wizard, and then I won fantastically in Wizard.  Then was Phase 10 where the first half of the game was ridiculous.  It took me 3 rounds to get my first phase, the second phase was easy, then the third phase took me five stinkin' rounds to complete.  But after that, life was great.  I got every phase right away.  To the point that I ended up taking 2nd place.  BJ and I both finished Phase 10 at the same time and he was only 25 points below me.  So, I guess the lesson is, if at first you don't succeed, keep playing until you do.

I miss BJ already.  He drove home today.

Sunday night ended up great.  Kessa slept in the same room as me, which made me nervous, because usually the noises we make getting in bed wake her up, making another hard night.  But she did great.

Monday we drove back to Ririe where we went graveyard hopping.  First was Ririe where my sister is buried, as well as my Grandma and Grandpa Lovell.

Next was Milo where my Grandma (Hall) and Grandpa Guymon are buried.  Plus a lot of other relatives.   (Sorry, no really cute pictures here.)

Last (ish) was Rigby where my Grandpa Hall is buried.

It was a long day for Kessa.  So when we got to Damian's house, she went right down for a nap.  Which surprised me because a) it wasn't a very dark room, b) it was a new place and c) she didn't have her toy owl which she always sleeps with.  In fact, she slept so well that 2 hours later, when BJ left, she was still asleep.  She says bub-bye, Daddy.  (It was probably more along the lines of "Dadada, YESSS!!!")

After the nap, we went to Idaho Falls to take Aunt Janet home and to go to two more cemeteries.  (Hooray for a Family History nut father and many, many cemeteries with family members within 15 minutes of my house.)

After we got home Dad plowed the garden and made furrows and he let Kessa join him for a moment.  (Don't worry, he didn't actually drive with her on there.)

And now she's asleep.  Hooray!  (Pray it lasts, please.)  And I've spent the last hour chatting with BJ (he made it home safely!), trying to fix stuffs on my parent's computer so I could get the pictures to finish this blog.

PS - Did I mention that I miss this guy?  Isn't he just awesome?  Not only did he build this domino tower on a rickety table with four small children running around, but now he's adding to it, Jenga-style, with the help of a 5(?)-year old boy.  And succeeding magnificently.  Love you, Bj.  Get lots done.  And don't stay up too late.  ;)

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