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Friday, March 27, 2009


Yeah... I'm getting tired of going to hospitals, waiting during surgeries, and making ICU visits.  People, stop getting sick!  :)

My dad had triple bypass surgery today.  All went well.  (Thank goodness!)  He's in ICU now, mostly sleeping.  We even got a good snore out of him today. :)  haha  They hope to move him to his own room (and out of ICU) either tomorrow or Monday (depending on the doctor).  He's a tough man, though.  He'll pull through.

This wait didn't seem as scary as Jess' surgery, though.  Perhaps because my mom, all my siblings, and BJ were there, all playing games.  A good game of Settlers of Catan--Cities and Knights (with a few interuptions) takes up a huge chunk of long surgery waiting time.  All in all, I'm glad we were able to be here with my mom to take her mind off things, and I'm even more grateful that the surgery went really well.

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