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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mapping out LDS missions

Hey everyone,

On a spur-of-the-moment decision, I decided to create an overlay on Google Maps that shows every LDS mission. If you served an LDS mission and think you know the current mission boundaries, do me a favor and go to On the left, you should see "LDS Mission Maps", and near it an "Edit" button. Click that, and you should see some shape-drawing tools appear on the map itself. If your mission's not on the list, find it and draw a shape around it, then list its name. (Preferably the standard name in English, as in "Spain Malaga Mission", with the country first.)

Oh, and don't be afraid to change the color so that it stands out from its neighbors!



Okie said...

Fabulous idea. I just found out that a brother of a friend of mine went to a neighboring mission in the same country as me and we're trying to figure out where our mission borders memory isn't what it was 13 years ago when I got back, but we'll try to draw our missions on here. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, I served in Angeles Philippines, so I tried to do all the missions there as best I could (there are 14 missions on the Philippine Islands), I also added some in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Connecticut Hartford Mission

David said...

Why can't I view all the overlays at once? It only shows a portion at each time, and I have to click through some "google search pages" to see all the overlays...and it doesn't seem like they are in any apparent order either.

Do you have the ability to make them all show up at once, or at least sort the list that you have to click through?

Great idea, needs improvement.

BJ Homer said...

@David: That's a Google limitation, I didn't know about it at the time I started it. You can do some magic with Google Earth to import them all, but it's kinda hard.

A much better way has appeared, though: If you have an LDS Account (requires a membership # and confirmation date), you can see a worldwide map of all missions! Sign in, go to "Find Places" on the left, then check the "Missions" box at the bottom. It won't display them until you've zoomed in a couple times, but they're all there!

BJ Homer said...

Oops, I forgot a step. On the "Find Places" page, click "Search Map". Then you'll have the option for the Missions checkbox.