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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A whole chicken!

BJ and I are part of a dinner group and in charge of dinner this past week. Being brave, I cooked a whole chicken! I have to say, cutting a whole chicken into pieces isn't my favorite pasttime in the world. Really? You want me to pull the bone out of the socket then cut through the cartilage?! Ewwww... But BJ stood by me through most of it, helped me figure out things like where the shoulder bone actually was, and to tell me that I could do it. And I did!

You can see the recipe and my pictures along the way here. (Btw, that link is to a cooking blog that Jalin and I set up. It was going to be all cool and have a weekly menu and recipes... but after we set it up, we found out that we were too busy/lazy. So I scrapped that idea and have just been posting recipes and pictures for the meals that I do make.)

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The Dipo's said...

That's where a handy neighborhood butcher comes in good use. :o) But good job!!