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Monday, October 6, 2008

Seven Peaks with the Tonks

Just before Labor Day, BJ and I went swimming at Seven Peaks with Michael and Stacie.  (Stacie became my best friend around 5th grade.  I'm so happy she lives in Utah, now!  Though, she still lives way too far north... [pout])  Anyway, we had ridiculous fun, documented here for your viewing pleasure.

This is Michael swinging from a rope into a pool.
Then he just kind of dropped. Nice splash, though!
And here is BJ, flinging himself from the rope.
Stacie and I, loving our time together again, as we watch our silly husbands showing off for us. (We're sure that's what they were doing.)

And now for the best part... and what Stacie has been waiting anxiously for for the last month.  (Sorry to keep you waiting, Stace!)  Videos!  So, this "slide" we called the Halfpipe.  (Maybe that's the real name?  I dunno.)  It's really tall and I hear it's quite a thrill to ride down.  I believe it, too, after watching many, many people do it whilst we waited for the boys to make the long and arduous climb to the top.

So, first we have BJ.  Sadly, I was not on top of things and missed the initial fall.  Why is this so sad?  Because that is when he screamed.  The rest is boring, but we'll put it on anyway.

The second is Michael, the reason for this whole post.  Wow.  Oh wow.  Make sure your volume is up for this one.  He screams in terror through most of the video.  Loves it!  Also, about halfway through, if you listen closely, you can hear a lady who was behind us ask, "Do you know him?"  And here I thought me capturing it all on my camera was a dead giveaway...  Then at the end, as he gets off his tube, she tells (asks?) him, "You're a new man now, aren't ya?  My favorite part, though?  (Aside from the screaming, of course)  His hand on his face as he slowly comes to a stop.


steph said...

LOVE it!!! I'm a cousin of Mike and Stacie... thnx for sharing! It is always good to get a laugh :)! Thnx Mike!!

Justin *Anna *Daisy *Lily *Violet said...

HOW FUN! I want to go. looks like you had a great time together. Although we did get to do some fun waterparks this year, on;y to bad I didn't get to go on the big rides.