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Monday, April 22, 2013

In which I go picture and word heavy, despite needing to be asleep

Let's see… what'd we do last week…

Our yard.  That'd really the big thing.  We got concrete curbing around all our flower and garden beds.  We brought in 6 cubic yards of compost (or, in other words, a LOT) for the flower beds and around the garden boxes.  We built redwood garden boxes that are nicer, sturdier, and much prettier.  Kessa "helped" us build them.
We built an insane drip system (but I think I told you about that last week?).  We filled the boxes with a really fancy soil that is really, really good (which I brought home, bagged, in my car.  Luckily Kessa was at a friend's house, because I wouldn't have had room for her.  I attached a picture taken from Kessa's open door.  You can kind of see Abby hiding behind all of those bags.  And I'll have you know, I carried every single one of those bags to my backyard.  I carried over 91.5 cubic feet that day.  [pride]  And somehow after that and all the garden stuff… I'm not sore.  Weird.)  So basically my garden is going to be golden this year and the talk of the neighborhood.  Except that both of my neighbors want fences… which brings me to my conversation with BJ tonight:

Me: I know why we shouldn't get a fence! What's the point of having a really pretty back yard if no one will ever see it?!
BJ: That's why we have Google Maps, m'dear.

bahahahaha.  Here's a picture of it almost to the current point.  I took it early because I was trying to manage it between rain storms.

To come: flagstones in the walkways, surrounded by moss (like the space by the benches out front at your parents') and plants!  Oh, and I got a composter to put where the potato tower was last year.  So that's fun.  I'm considering getting a play set with swings, slide, rock wall, rope ladder, telescope, tic tac toe board, and a punching bag.  (Umm… kids' toys come with punching bags now-a-days?)  Kessa is thrilled at the prospect.  She's also one sticker away from earning her scooter.  She's probably going to get a bike with pedals (and no training wheels!) for her birthday.  And she keeps praying for a blue wagon that is all her own, except she'll share with Abby.  I'm still confused by this.  And I'm starting to feel like she's spoiled rotten...

I don't know what to write, exactly.  Today has been rough.  Kessa spent the day being disobedient and stubbornly willful.  It was cold and windy so I couldn't go play in the garden.  And there was the bombings at the Boston Marathon that has left me feeling a little melancholy.  (I assume you heard about that?)  I just don't understand how people can do something like that.  But I was encouraged by watching the people in live videos running into the smoke immediately after the bombing to help the wounded.  There are many more good people in the world than bad.  They're just quieter.

We get to move back to the church down the street from us, which is exciting!  And 9 am.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the time, but I guess I'm just trading losing Abby's afternoon nap for morning, so it's worth it to get the closer building.  I can walk to church again!

Abby loves to listen to us sing together.  She likes one person singing, but when multiple people sing, she will stop the most heartbreaking cry and look at us and smile.  It's adorable.  Sometimes when she's sad in the car, we'll all sing songs together, just to cheer her up.  She is excessively mobile and likes to get into everything.  Turns out, she can fit more than 6 marbles in her mouth at a time.  And she likes to put things on her head.

Kessa has discovered, with the neighbor girls, that sidewalk chalk dipped in water makes sidewalk paint.  So our driveway and bottom of our stairs almost always look like a graffiti festival.  She's also learned to recognize the phrase "and it came to pass" in our scripture studies.  Adorable.  And here's a picture of her making a pouty face that Resa taught her in order to get more pastry after I already told her she'd had more than enough sugar.  She got another bite, needless to say.

I guess I'll just get to the real point of the email… cute things Kessa says!

  • Kessa: I may have apple juice, I suppose.
  • During her breakfast prayer: And please help us to eat.
  • When Mommy and Daddy are sad, we're in trouble. Because we don't have a Resa blanket to hold onto.
  • Kessa, singing, “I'm a little corn dog. I'm a little corn dog.”
  • Mommy: Kessa, I love you.
    Kessa: I love you, too!
    Daddy: You know what, Kessa?
    Kessa: What?
    Daddy: I love you a lot.
    Kessa, wide-eyed and looking at me: Holy cow!
  • Kessa told me today that Jessa is older than Damian. When I corrected her she said, “Nuh-uh! Jessa is 100 years old!” 
  • On the way home, Kessa told me that I needed to beat home… everyone in the whole world.
  • Kessa: I want a blah blah. That's a shoe made out of slides. I saw it at IKEA. [Turns out, the play place at IKEA has a slide that is shaped like a shoe.]

Oh!  Another super exciting thing happened!  Our flowering tree bloomed!!!!!  It's the first one on our street and it makes me soooooo happy!!!!  Hooray!

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