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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Abby is walking! And other highlights.

Don't you just love Kessa's fashion sense?
Abby is starting to walk.  She teased me all weekend by taking 1 or maybe 2 steps for everyone but me.  My parents, BJ, Kessa… but not me.  BJ described them as sumo wrestling steps.  She'd have her legs spread wide, then move one leg up and forward, then stop.  We tried and tried to get videos, but of course, as per Murphy's Law of Children, she'd stop as soon as we pulled out a camera.  But then she decided to make my wait worth it and yesterday we were outside in the grass playing and I set her down and next thing I knew, she took off after Kessa and probably took 8 steps before she fell down.  And then, of course, wouldn't do it again as I had my camera out.  But BJ helped me when he got home and we got a video of her taking about 6 steps or so*.  CRAZY!  She started walking 4 months earlier than Kessa did.  That still puts her at 14 months, so it's not like she's an early walker or anything, but let's be honest… I'm 100% ok with my kids walking later.  :)

What else… Ok, here is a funny thing I journaled about Kessa:
  • Kessa on a toy phone: Hey! May I have one of your toys? Do you have a shirt or pants or skirt? Or panties. A skirt? Great. Do you have a princess one? You do? Great. See ya!
She seriously cracks me up so much.  I'll try better to write things like that down so you can get a good chuckle every blog.  She informed me the other day that she doesn't want to have any more accidents, and since then, she hasn't!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one lasts.  I've even started looking at scooters for her.  [Note: she's filling up a sticker chart to earn a two-wheeled scooter.]
So happy to be eating an apple!
Oh, and Abby can crawl down stairs like a pro now!  It's like she suddenly got a bunch of physical skills all this last week!  She also has a runny nose and HATES it being wiped.  I'm sure you care.  :)  She also proved to us that she can eat an apple.  Kessa found one, took a couple of bites, then handed it to Abby.  Abby then ate probably 2/3 of it or more.  Just scraping off pieces with her teeth.  Guess that's a lesson to me.  She's already capable of doing more than I give her credit for.  Who knows what she'll surprise me with next! 

*I tried to put a video of her walking in here, but it won't load.  Sorry, folks.

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