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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day predictions

Idea stolen from a friend's blog (thanks, Kelley!) 

4 years ago: BJ was at BYU; I was working for Family Search, digitizing Family History books. We both lived south of Kiwanis Park and were in the same ward. I was the Relief Society president.  BJ and I were dating. Barely. By about a week. For the third time. It was an emotional roller coaster time period for us. But in good news, it was the last time we got back together and drama very quickly disappeared. So, 4 years ago was the beginning of the happiest period of life I've had. 

Today: We just built a house in Lehi. BJ works for Instructure developing iPod software for their software, Canvas. I stay home with our two daughters, Kessa and Abigail, who are both adorable. I'm learning how to become the perfect mom (because I have far to go still!) and the girls are very helpful in my quest. BJ is wishing there were more time in the day. So many programs to write. So many games to play. So many things he wants to do with family. BJ is an Elders Quorum teacher and I am calling-less. Probably because I just had a baby a month ago.

4 years from now: I assume we'll still be in Lehi. We didn't build a house just to move away quickly. I hope my yard will be beautifully landscaped and my garden well established. BJ will likely still be working at Instructure, but I won't be shocked if he's moved on to another company. Perhaps we'll even have honed our time management skills to let him get more done in his day. :)  Kessa will be almost 7 years old and will be in elementary school. (Woah.)  She'll be reading and learning math and will be making me feel like I need to start learning again so that she doesn't out-smart me. Abby will have just turned 4. So… preschool?  And she will be doing all sorts of amazing things and making me feel like I must be doing something right because she'll just be so darn smart.   We'll probably have one, <i>maybe</i> two more kids. Or at least probably be pregnant. We'll be on our 2nd or maybe 3rd iPhones (unless there is something more amazing out?). We'll have fallen in love with at least 5 new games and our game closet will be bulging. I'll be dreaming about finishing our basement, since my current craft/guest room will possibly be housing a child instead. (BJ thinks we will have finished it by then.)  BJ and I will both have accepted being in our 30s. All our siblings (except Teresa) will be married and there will finally be more grandkids. They won't be the lone grandkids on the Homer side and they won't be the youngest (or mostly-youngest) on the Lovell side. BJ will have written an app that makes more than $20/year on the App Store. ;)  BJ's parents will probably be on a mission. My parents might be on their second or even third mission. We'll be anxiously awaiting the … 4th? Way of Kings book. And we'll still be nerds.


Jessalyn said...

"Kessa will be almost 7 years old". NO. I refuse to let her grow up!!

Michele of Quiet Mischief said...

I enjoyed reading this! I think I will steal this idea. : )

Michelle said...

Very cool idea. I just spent the last little while having fun reading your blog. I can't believe you did a natural home birth. You are amazing! You have a beautiful family! Things have changed quite a bit since we were in Jerusalem haven't they?

JumpingJeri said...

I love this!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to do this will my Ali Al!