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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Abigail's birth story; Jessa's view

Abigail Pearl's Birth Story 

Although Tianna invited me to be present during Abigail's birth, I was nervous about being there. Birth isn't something I have exactly experienced all that much. I began waiting downstairs on the couch while Tianna experienced contractions. I didn't exactly know my role, and I didn't want to be in anyone's way. Soon, though, the need for pictures became more and more frequent that I relocated into the birth room. 

As I sat there waiting and watching, taking the occasional picture, I realized that I was I experiencing something incredible! Tianna was giving birth to a child of God!! And she was spectacular! From the beginning of Tianna's contractions, she was fearless! The birthing process was relatively short, and Tianna made it look easy. 

Abigail finally arrived and she was beautiful. In that moment, I felt so close to Heavenly Father, and was very aware of his love for his children. A child of God had just arrived on earth! And it was obvious that her parents immediately felt the same love for her that her Heavenly Father feels for her. 

I was so glad that I was there. Not only did it change my perspective on giving birth, but it was apparent that this was more than a birth; this was a celebration! I have a new niece, Tianna and BJ have a new child, and Abigail has a body! From my perspective, this was something that not only we were rejoicing about, but that Heavenly Father was rejoicing about! Truly, this was an incredible experience.

Although I was technically there as Tianna's photographer, I secretly think I got more out of me being there than they did. I was so glad to be included in that special moment!

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